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Frequently asked questions

What is the norm for wedding car transport?
It really comes down to what you prefer. The most common arrangement is to have the car(s) pick up the bride, bridesmaids and bride's father and drive them to the ceremony venue. Then the bridal party travel in the cars to other photo locations and reception venue.
Time permitting, you can also arrange to have the groom and groomsmen picked up first and then the cars could then pick up the bride.

I have noticed that some classic cars are quite small inside. Are your cars the same?
Although it depends on what era of cars you are looking at, some classic cars are actually quite small inside.
However, this is the area that our vehicles have a huge advantage over other classic cars available for hire. Our vehicles overcome this problem because the back seats are set back from the door, giving the passenger much more leg room. This ensures greater comfort and prevents the Bride's dress creasing before the ceremony!

Is there a minimum hire for the cars?
Yes. You will find all classic cars hires generally have a minimum hire. Our minimum hire is 3 hours per car. This is primarily due to the time and costs in maintaining the vehicles and preapring them for use.

I would like to book your car(s) for a formal. Do I need to hire them for 3 hours?
Subject to availability, we may be able to offer one hour hires on weekday evenings.

How many passengers do the cars seat?
Our vehicles seat 4 passengers in much the same way as a standard family sedan - three at the back and one at the front.

When does the 'hiring time' begin?
The hiring time begins when your chauffeur is booked to arrive at your first pick-up point. The hiring time ends at the time that your chauffeur has dropped off all passengers.

Are your cars air-conditioned?
Yes, they are fitted with custom air-conditioning systems.

Do you service all areas?
We service the Adelaide Metropolitan area, some regions of the Adelaide Hills (as far as Mt Barker) and the Barossa Valley.

Do you charge extra to service the Hills or any other areas?
There are no extra charges to service the Adelaide Hills. However, there may small additional charges for services to Barossa Valley to cover additional costs, for example.

Are you licensed and accredited to operate as a chauffeur service?
Yes we are. All of our vehicles are licensed; our chauffeurs are properly accredited, and we are also properly licensed and accredited to operate as a hire car company.

Do you provide champagne and other refreshments?
Unfortunately, we do not hold a liquor's licence so we cannot provide nor serve champagne. However, we always have chilled soft drinks and water on board.
Upon request, we may be able to transport an additional esky in which you will be more than welcome to store any other drinks.

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